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Carol 2015 DvDRip Full Movie Free Download

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CAROL 2015Carol 2015 DvDRip Full Movie Free Download. Download Carol 2015 Full HD Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point.

Movie Overview

Carol 2015 DvDRip Full Movie Free Download In 1952, Therese Belivet, a temporary shopgirl and aspiring photographer, is working in Frankenberg’s department store in Manhattan during the Christmas season. She sees a glamorous woman across the room looking at a model train set display. Based on Therese’s recommendation, the woman, Carol Aird, purchases a set for her daughter as a Christmas present. Carol engages Therese in friendly conversation and when she departs accidentally leaves her gloves behind. Therese takes the gloves home with her and, using Frankenberg’s sales slip with Carol’s name and address, mails them to her that evening.

Therese’s boyfriend, Richard, wants her to go to France with him and hopes they will marry; but she is feeling ambivalent regarding their relationship. A mutual friend, Dannie, invites Therese to stop by his workplace, The New York Times, offering to introduce her to his photo-editor friend. Therese accepts his offer and during her visit Dannie seizes the opportunity to kiss her. Therese lets him, but becomes uncomfortable and leaves immediately. Meanwhile, Carol is going through a difficult divorce from her neglectful husband, Harge, and she is struggling to maintain custody of their young daughter, Rindy. Carol calls Therese at Frankenberg’s to thank her for returning the gloves and invites Therese to lunch. The two find themselves intrigued with one another. Carol then invites Therese to her home in New Jersey for Christmas. During the drive to her house, Carol stops to purchase a Christmas tree and Therese takes candid photos of her. Harge arrives unexpectedly in the evening to take Rindy to Florida with him, and becomes suspicious of Therese and Carol because Carol had an affair years before with her best friend, Abby. Therese witnesses the argument between them and after Rindy is gone, a distressed Carol takes Therese to the train station, and Therese returns home.


Carol 2015 DvDRip Full Movie Download Carol 2015 DvDRip Full Movie Free Download Carol 2015 Full Movie Download Carol 2015 Full Movie Free Download


Full Name: Carol 2015
Release Date: 20 NOVEMBER 2015
Size: 1.4 GB
Quality: DvdRip
Genres: Drama, Romance
Language: English
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Carol 2015 DvDRip Full Movie Free Download

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